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Biblical Counseling

We live in a world that is corrupted at every point by sin. There is no part of our lives that is untouched, be it by our sin, the sins of others against us, or simply suffering in a fallen world. We understand that that there are times in life when you simply need someone to help, to listen compassionately, and to offer hope and grace through Jesus Christ.

At Calvary Church, we have a passion for those who are hurting. We are also committed and convinced that the Scriptures offer real help for every issue that you may be facing!  We do not believe that you come to church to hear stories about God and sing songs, but then go to the world when you have “real” problems. God has answers for you! Whether you are struggling with depression, sexual immorality, loneliness, anxiety, or your marriage simply needs help, we want to offer compassionate Christ-like help and hope through the truths of God’s Word.

Pastor Randy is available for counseling and offers it free of charge.

Also, upon visiting our church, you will find collection of mini-books in the foyer which address many topics and are restocked regularly with new selections. We offer these free for you to take for yourself or a loved one!