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Faith & Beliefs

Read the Bible online, wherever you are!  Visit or search for ‘Bible’ in your mobile app store to download the Bible app from YouVersion, where you can select the translation you desire. Bro. Randy preaches from the ESV (English Standard Version).  You can also visit to read from a variety of translations.

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What does it mean to become a Christian?  Visit for a great presentation of the Gospel!

One specifically designed for kids is at

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What do we believe at Calvary?  We are part of the Southern Baptist Convention of churches.  Click here to view the Baptist Faith and Message, which defines our beliefs as a Southern Baptist church.

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Is there really any hope in life?  What does it mean to be a Christian?  Who is Jesus?  If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions and want to know more, click here to find your answers or contact us!  We would love to share with you about the hope found only in Jesus!